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Hello and welcome to Borneo Avionics “Electrical Basics for Aircraft Engineers”.
My name is Peter Wright and I will be the Instructor taking you through this electrical journey .I am a licensed Australian Avionics Engineer with qualifications in training and E learning.
My career within the aircraft industry spans over 30 years working in many fields of aviation from General Aviation, RPT, VIP and training.
To view the course you will be required to download a flash viewer either flash player or shockwave a link has been provided for this on the links page of the Borneo Avionics web site.

The course itself is divided into 7 parts
The Fundamentals of Electricity
Ac Fundamentals
Semiconductor Theory
Digital Theory
Aircraft electrical Generation systems
Lighting and wire practices
Avionics systems and layouts

This first part of the course the fundamental of Electricity is again broken down into modules. These modules are:-

Electrical Fundamentals
Static Electricity and conduction
Electrical Terminology
Generation and Heat
DC sources of Electricity
DC circuit Fundamentals

The course is available in two mediums either on line via a Moodle site or CD based however in both cases you will need to register with the course to be able to access the sample questions for the course.
A link has been provided to Moodle on the movie viewer that can be used both on the main website and from the CD.

This course will be slightly different to other courses you may have attended, as this is a E learning based course we will be using the webs unique ability to provide online interactive simulations for some of the instruction, the aim is to involve you the learner in the course. If you have problems viewing or downloading any of the modules please contact me either via the discussion board or email and I will send you the CD.
Also to assist this involvement we will provide online discussion rooms where questions relating to the course can be aired.
There are however some things as we are web based that we cannot provide .One is of course practical training ,this will have to be accomplished at your workplace .The other is certified CASA/ CAA exams, we will be providing a link however to the appropriate web site.

The First module is movie about the history of Electricity, in this movie we introduce you to some of the pioneers of the electrical age some you may know others are probably new to you.A course time table has been laid out to assist you with your learning but as this is a self paced course it is up to you how fast you complete the course.
People sometimes ask how long I need to spend per week on an e learning based course. The answer is basically its up to you, There is however a four week time frame for this couurse, and to achieve this most people will spend between 6 to 8 hours a week studying, this includes self study and sample tests.

I would like to thank ATEA based in Brisbane for the use of their training material to produce this course.

Basic Dc electrical training
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